Monday, October 14, 2013

Just a little update.....

We continue to see small improvements in Adam's abilities daily.
He's moving all of his fingers now! No strength and very little grip, but he is moving them.
He's also continuing to take some steps with the walker and therapists and practice his strength by standing and transferring in/out of his bed and wheelchair. 
He's doing really great for how recently his injury was.
He was weighed the other day. He's lost 17lbs.

His spirits are quite good. I have yet to see him down, frustrated, or angry about any of this. 
I have seen him be moved to tears by your blog and facebook comments and by cards and generosity sent.
I have seen him joke around with his therapists and give his nurses a hard time.
I have also seen him struggle and push through his therapy with sheer determination as he does movement and exercises that most of us would consider normal, everyday activities. 
I have also seen him bring up God, faith and church with those that he comes into contact with.

The boys and I are attempting to get into some sort of new "normal" during this season.
I'm making trips to the hospital 1-2 times every day.
We're trying to be back at church as often as we can. I'm trying not to miss much of a beat with schoolwork and events. I have lamented a bit at the beautiful early fall weather we have been having and feeling like there are so many opportunities for fun family activities, although right now our sparse family activities consist of busy traffic and parking garages, trying to keep young kids entertained in a hospital setting, and rides through the halls on a wheelchair. 
I know I should be grateful for what we have. And I am. 
The weariness of activity is setting in at times though.
And the other side of the bed feels awfully empty at night.
But people's thoughtfulness, presence, support, and prayers continue to encourage us.
And we know that God will continue to comfort and strengthen us.

And Adam's mom continues to extend her stay in town. Just not quite ready to leave yet. :) It's been helpful to have her here and not have to call in other "troops" yet to help with the boys.
Plus, I've had girlfriends come and stay with us for these past two weekends. They've been helpful and good for my spirit also.

And because blog posts are better if there is a picture or two.....
Here are some pumpkins that Landon, Tate, and I painted the other night.
Someone had dropped off these pumpkins for us.