Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk-or-Treat 2013

I figured I had a decent reason to not participate in our church's annual Trunk-or-Treat.....but the thing is, I really like to. :) I love community outreach events. And I really have fun trying to theme our costumes and go all out on trunk decorations. Plus, it was a nice diversion to make me feel a little more "normal." I really didn't start working on it til this past week. Click here to see what we did last year (and on that link, there are further links to show what we've done past years as well).

We had our farm theme picked out since last year - mostly because I knew we had a chicken costume that would fit a 1-year old (all 3 of the boys have worn it now) (and yes, I'm already trying to think of possibilities for next year). I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Usually, I come up with an idea and it's up to Adam to figure out a way to construct it and secure it. I think I did a pretty fair showing for missing my other half. It did help that my parents came into town and my dad helped with a few things with it. It also helped that we had to buy a new upright freezer and a new water heater this past year. Those both yield some good-sized cardboard pieces. We had made a roof and gable, but it was very windy and there just was not a good way for us to secure the cardboard pieces. And my parents were great help in corraling my tractor driver, cow, and chicken. We had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun. 
Here's a few pics:

Plus, we scooted to the hospital as soon as it was over so that Adam could see the boys in their costumes. 

It's been a few days since I've said much about Adam's progress and people are asking. On the 25th, it marks the 1-month mark of Adam's accident. Crazy to think that much time has passed, but yet it also feels like we've been doing this for a long time now.  He continues to progress, which is good news! He's taken several walks with therapists this past week without any walking aids, other than a safety belt that the therapist holds onto. It's not a "pretty" walk....but it's pretty amazing for him to be walking. His fine motor skills are also improving. One month ago, he was lying on his back and moving very, very little with loss of much of his ability in most parts of his body. He can now sit up on his own. Stand up on his own. Take steps. Control his restroom functions (hey, sorry if that's too much information, but I had formerly shared that he couldn' I figured I should clear the air that he's gained that back). He's still being told that he's progressing very fast for this type of injury. 

And on another exciting note, Adam's birthday is on Wednesday!
And on an even more exciting note, we have just been given clearance to take him out of the hospital for small excursions as long as it doesn't interfere with his therapy. We plan to bring him home Tuesday evening to celebrate his birthday as a family. Whoop, whoop! It'll be so nice to have him home, but...... it'll be really hard to have to drive him back to the hospital that same night.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Adam and Jamie's second cousin Jennifer Sterken from Nebraska. Loved seeing your Trunk or Treat pictures. We do the same at our church, but on a smaller scale. We don't have as many trunks or as many that decorate their trunk. This year I'm going to decorate my trunk as a Teddy Bear Hospital and go dressed in scrubs. I heard there are going to be prizes at ours this year. Glad to hear Adam is doing so much better. I have been praying for your family. I have a friend whose wife was in a deadly car accident a week ago. A passenger was killed and she is in serious condition with head injury and in a coma. Godly family and very optimistic.

Jenn :)

Anonymous said...

Love the news and the pictures and knowing Adam is doing so well. please send me your address by message to me so I can send a birthday card and a surprise for you. Will tell you in the card what it is. Love your family. Paula

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to see your costumes. You did a great job, Becca. I love the John Deer Tractor. I've been praying for all of you and I have been wondering if Adam had been able to go out for field trips yet. It will be fun for all of you to celebrate his birthday at home. Well, thanks for the update. I think about you all so often and pray for healing. I've also enjoyed and been blessed by Adam's facebook messages from the Word. God Bless and continuing strength to both of you....Mitch Miller

Adams mom said...

Thank you so much for sharing the updates and pictures. It is hard being farther away and nothing says it better than seeing happy, smiling faces. Can't wait until my next visit!

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job with trick or trunk, so thankful for Adams continued progress. You all remain in my prayers. From UP cousin Luann

Marcus Powell said...

So encouraging to read! Praise God!

Sarah J Rippy said...

What a precious family - God has truly blessed you with joy and peace in your lives. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Your mom and dad look good too!! Great that they can come to help.