Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Adam!

We brought Adam home for a few hours to celebrate his birthday. The trip went smoothly.
Adam enjoyed napping on the couch for a bit and just being back at home for a few hours.

Here's a good party face!

My younger brother and his family and staying with us for the week. AJ, 2 years old, thought that we needed party hats for Adam's party. Of course you need party hats.

The boys enjoyed helping dad open his cards and presents.

And we enjoyed his favorite cake (which is contestable as a cake) - Boston Cream Pie.

Heath and Adam were not fans of the party hats. But at least we were all in a picture.

And Adam's team had another meeting regarding him yesterday. He continues to make fantastic progress for his injury. Rapidly progressing and gaining back strength and abilities. His walking in his therapy sessions is getting a little smoother every day. He still travels in a wheelchair throughout the day though. His wrists and hands are still weak, although they are improving as well. 

And well, they've now moved his possible release date to only 4 weeks away!
Exciting....yet also rather scary.

We are both hesitant to have it so soon. Adam is concerned with being a "burden" at home if he cannot be doing more yet. Although, we are still pretty confident he will gain much more back. He doesn't think he could button pants yet or tie shoes. His mobility is still very hindered and needs assistance. 

But we remind ourselves that he's only been at Mary Free Bed for a little over 4 weeks and we've seen HUGE gains!  What will another 4 weeks bring? And again, these dates they  make are just predictions.

Keep praying!