Sunday, January 05, 2014

How we did on our 2013 goals....

How we did on our 2013 goals...

  1. Go on a 10-year Anniversary Getaway - Well, we tried. :) We researched, booked, paid for....and then had to cancel it. That whole husband-broke-his-neck-and-hurt-his-spinal-cord-thing kinda put a damper on the plans. Expect to see this carry over to our 2014 goal list. 
  2. Keep a prayer journal - Did really well until May. Then I misplaced the prayer journal. And then I found it, but didn't write in it anymore. Boo. 
  3. Work out 2 times a week - This was a bit of a rollercoaster. I was fairly active until the end of September. Not sure if it registered at 2 times a week always, but there were probably other weeks where I was it all evens out, right? 
  4. Neighborhood Gathering - CHECK! We hosted a neighborhood Ice Cream Social in mid-August. Less than 1/2 of the invited homes participated, but we had over 50 people in our backyard and we received lots of positive remarks. Loved having the chance to connect with some neighbors we hadn't yet and also to provide the opportunity for others in the neighborhood to connect. Thinking we'll make it an annual event! 
  5. Paint a Picture - CHECK! A friend had a birthday party at a gallery where everybody paints the same picture. It was rather fun. And then for Christmas I painted some canvases as gifts (see previous post). 
  6. Learn How to Use my Camera Better - Hmmmm....not so much. Checked out a library book or two. Maybe watched a video tutorial or two. But I didn't really concentrate and try to understand ISO, shutter speed, or lighting any better than what I do now. But I took a couple of decent pictures (cute kids help). 
  7. Take Care of Grading Issue Around House - CHECK! In June we had the entire backyard dug up. Drain tile was put in on the north side of our house. The backyard was regraded to drain away from the house better. New grass was planted. Plus, now you can run through the backyard without fearing that you will roll your ankle on the bumpy and uneven ground. 
  8. List 1,000 Things I'm Thankful For - Well, made it to about 280. And then misplaced it (along with the above prayer journal). Pretty sure I've had the opportunity to be thankful for about a million things this year....they just didn't get written down. 
  9. Bike Ride 500 miles (Adam) - Made it to almost 300 before his accident at the end of September. 
  10. Give Up Pop (aka Soda) (Adam) - We decided to let him have it for special occasions (vacation, holidays). But otherwise, he made it through most of August until he decided he just didn't want to do it anymore. 

Working on our 2014 goal list. 
Stay tuned....