Thursday, June 05, 2014

Let's Get This Summer Party Started!

School ends tomorrow! Happy and sad feelings. But as I look at our calendar, I realize we'll be Busy (yes, I felt the need to capitalize that). Even though we have a lot going on, I still wanted to make sure the boys felt like they had some input into our plans. The boys and I sat down tonight and listed some things that we want to do this summer. I tried to keep obvious things off the list. (i.e. Have a pool party. Plan a playdate. Eat popcicles. Go to VBS. Play in the sandbox. Go to the zoo (family pass +2 - who wants to come with?!!). Stay in our PJ's all day.) You know, things that are essential to summer break. We tried to keep the list to things we will need to be intentional about making happen.

And onto other fabulous things. I had to share what Adam and the boys got me for Mother's Day last month.
 Not flowers. Not jewelry. Not chocolate. 

A refillable movie theater popcorn bucket!

Be still, my heart.
They know me so well.

I can fill this baby up until October 1!
We only see movies in the theater a few times a year, but I don't need to see a movie to stop and fill this up. 
I'll probably gain 10lbs with all of the butter flavoring I like to add.

Let's add "Eat as much popcorn as humanly possible" to that Summer Bucket List.