Sunday, June 01, 2014


Landon played his 2nd season of soccer with our city rec league. I say "season"....but it's only 5 games.

He played in a 5 & 6 year old league again. There was a HUGE improvement from last year to this year. He was much more aggressive. Last year, he almost scored a goal once. This year, he scored 1-2 goals every game.

We're trying to teach him about good sportsmanship. A work in progress that I'm guessing will take 25 years, give or take a few years. Several times we would have to tell him to not make negative comments about the other team if they weren't playing well. He never said them in a mean tone....but still, things that shouldn't be said outloud. Or remind him that being part of a team is not just about how many goals that he scored. We even saw him purposely push another kid back after he was pushed. Yikes! (Something he may do to his brother.....but we've never seen him do this to another child, let alone one that he did not know at all). Overall, he ran around the field having a great time and smiling the majority of the time. But every once in awhile we would witness something that we would feel the need to talk about with him afterwards.

He seems to really love the game and told me that he wants to play it until he's a grandpa.

Here's a few actions shots from his last game:

This is what much of the game looks like. A big pack of kids all trying to kick the ball into each other's shins. 

And this is what Tate likes to do during much of the soccer game:
Picking clover flowers and looking for bugs.  He says he wants to play soccer when he turns 5.

And Heath likes to play a soccer game all on his own behind the spectator area: