Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

One of my favorite church events of the year:
Trunk or Treat!

Such a great opportunity to work together and engage with our community and provide a fun family event.

This year's Willis trunk theme was:
Star Wars!

We handed out mini light-saber candies:

We had a video that was playing in the back of the van:

Didn't get a good picture of our family and all of the trunk. And we never got a picture including our exchange students as they were running around and busy helping in other areas.

Overall, a great turnout. A beautiful night for it. And lots of fun.

Guests that come through are able to vote on their favorite trunk. We took a satisfying 2nd place. We just can't quite compete with the family that has gotten first place the last few years. They did "Frozen" this year and handmade their costumes and have been working months in advance. C'mon....I didn't even want to attempt to make a simple Princess Leia costume so I just bought a white graduation gown at a thrift store for $2. Those Downing's are in a league of their own. But it's super fun to see what everybody comes up with every year! Hmmmm....should we do a trunk again next year? If so, what should our theme be? Or maybe, we'll take a year off and help out in some other aspect of the event. We'll see......