Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Heath turned 2!

So, let's pretend like Heath didn't turn 2 a week and a half ago. 
It's all just going way too fast. 

We celebrated on a busy Sunday with just a few small festivities with our household.
Doesn't take much to make a 2-year old happy. 
Get a couple of balloons. Have a cake. Let him unwrap a few gifts. 
Put him down for a nap.
The end.

Here's what Heath is like at 2 years old:
- He's a momma's boy nearly all of the time. Even at 5 a.m.when he can't sleep. "Momma......Momma?....Momma?" Not gonna lie. I find it incredibly endearing and adorable. But I still make Adam get up and deal with him. ;)
- He likes kicking and throwing balls back and forth with someone.
- He's a good eater. Not too many things he won't eat (sometimes a little prompting is needed though).
- He skipped over playing with baby toys very much and likes playing with what his older brothers are playing with.
- He's not very verbal. In the last couple of months, he has finally started copying sounds and words that we say. Even though he doesn't have a huge vocabulary, its clear that he understands us just fine. He is great at following directions and responding to things we say.
- He does make a lot of noises and animates his toys: car noises, animal growls, weapon noises.
- He likes trucks, motorcycles, and firetrucks.
- He loves being read to. And lately, he wants a book put in his bed with him when he goes to sleep.
- He still naps every day for around 3 hours. And sleeps 12 hours at night.
- He is a very sweet boy and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!


ETaylor said...

Weapon noises. I love it. :)

adams mom said...

Happy @nd Birthday Heath!

We just love your snorting noises and the way you say, "yep". Everything about you is adorable and this grandma feels so blessed to have you as my grandson.