Monday, October 05, 2015

Be our Guest

Forgot to post about this!
We finished off part of our basement awhile back. 
Actually it was completed to this level in June.
Adam did the bulk of the work.....framing walls, drywalling, electical, plumbing, flooring, trim, etc.
He had other guys help with various portions at different times.
(Thanks Russ D, James L and boys, Jamie G, Tory F, Jory T, Cody D, Scott, Kenny, Russ M, Steve V, and I hope I didn't forget anyone else.....)
It was almost like an Amish barn-raising. 
Except it took months. And there was only a couple of guys there at a time.
I did the painting. Thank you very much.

To show proof that we have guest accommodations in our home, even though we have 7 of us living here right now, here it is:
Guest bathroom.
All to yourself. You don't even need to share it with any of us.
Basement living room area. Nothing fancy. Couch. TV. Treadmill.
Do you really need anything more?
The flooring is vinyl faux wood planks. Waterproof. Kind of important for a basement.
Guest bedroom.
Still putting the finishing touches on decorations and such. But its furnished. Even with an alarm clock on both sides of the bed. Just in case you like that sort of thing.
The crib is not always in there, but we had some young guests use it a few times this past summer.
The view while relaxing on the bed.

We still need to frame the last third of the basement and do the flooring for that area. Our goal is to have it completed by Christmas. Its been a nice addition to our house. Way better than the open, concrete basement thing we had going on otherwise. And Adam still wants to keep his archery shooting lane through the length of the basement. Pretty important aspect of the basement (in Adam's opinion).
But more importantly (in my opinion), we always want to have room for hosting others.

Let us know if you would like to book a night...or weekend....or the Willis basement.