Thursday, December 22, 2016

DIY Family Photos

Well, the tripod and camera struck again!

We've had some pretty decent shots at taking our own family photos. It certainly does not compare to what our favorite photographer can do for us, but now that he lives 2 hours away and we cannot afford to pay for him to travel to us, we resorted to taking a few shots of our own this fall so that we would have something to put on a Christmas card. 

Here's our best family shot. 
I managed to pull outfits all of what we had on hand earlier that day. I knew this was our last chance before we got some not as lovely weather. Not perfectly coordinated outfits, but good enough for us. I spent the least amount of time on my outfit and seeing the pics afterwards, I wish I would have had on a big necklace or scarf to break up my 1-coloredness. I have cute brown booties on that go nicely with Tate's just can't see them. But now you know.

What was going on moments before we took the picture.....
We had been waiting most of the day to receive a delivery from Menard's with supplies for finishing the basement. Adam was still in the driveway with the delivery guy as the boys and I tromped outside dressed nicely with camera and tripod in hand. I gave a less-than-endearing look toward him and said, "The glow. We're going to miss the glow." (The lovely-warm-sun-is-setting-glow). We did kinda miss it, but at least it wasn't dark yet.

While he went in and changed, I tried to set up the tripod while the boys ran in circles around the yard, the whole time me chiding them to not mess up their hair or fall (one of my children, of whom I will not name at the moment, is CONSTANTLY falling).

We had Landon try to take a picture or two of us. Landon didn't notice what Tate was doing in the background. And I don't think Tate realized he was even in the shot. Bahahahaha!

The boys asked if they could do some leaf throwing pictures.
Oh, Tate. Do you really need that many leaves?

Love this family we've been given! So blessed!
(And having a nice camera that we were given a few years back from Adam's sister has certainly been a blessing and captured so many special memories!)