Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lazy Afternoon

Well, we've been busy.......but we won't bore you with those details....instead we'll show you what happens when we're not busy.
Here's a shot of a lazy Sunday afternoon ......which was much needed!
This first picture is one of Clyde and Daisy being taunted by a squirrel outside on a tree. They would've given just about anything to be outdoor cats at that time. The squirrel and the cats had a stare down for quite awhile. Our kitties had their tails twitching, were meowing, and looked like they were going to try to pounce right through the window. Not only were Clyde and Daisy entertained.....but so were we.
And here's a picture of Adam and Daisy watching TV on the laptop. We only get basic channels on our television (when I say basic, I mean that we get 5 channels and 2 of them are the same). So, in order for Adam to watch some of his favorite shows (cough, ahem, cartoons) he has to watch them online. Apparently, Daisy likes cartoons too.
I thought I remember hearing once that if you catch your cat watching TV, it means they're kinda dumb. Cats brains are supposed to process things really fast or something, so they shouldn't be able to see what's on television. Well, we've witnessed Daisy taking in some TV shows on more than one occasion......this wasn't the first clue to us that she's not the brightest cat. She's very lovable though!