Monday, December 10, 2007


OK, yes, I'm still getting bigger! Everything seems to continue to go well though. My weight gain is climbing quicker than what I was hoping, but I still feel like the vast majority is in my belly. I'm trying not to have too many "treats", but I rarely say no. And with the holidays coming up, doesn't the average person gain like 8lbs. or something anyways?! I haven't had to deal with much swelling or anything like that at this point. I'm still fairly comfortable most of the time.
We still have some pretty big things to do prior to the baby arriving. Adam finally has the chance to start working on the baby's room this week. We had several showers in which we now have A LOT of cute little boy clothes and lots of necessities. There are just a couple of things that we'll have to get on our own at this point. We've been so blessed to have so much help and love from others! And no, we still don't have a name picked out yet! And if we did, I wouldn't tell you what it was! But we have narrowed the list down to 10 names. :)
Here's a couple pics from the Kuyper College Christmas Banquet over the weekend.