Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First days at home....

Well, we'll give you an update with some words now (also because I don't know how to do that crazy photobucket thing that Adam posted on here....).
Things are going quite well in the Willis household. I am feeling very well, especially considering the nature of our unexpectedly large baby. Even the doctor was shocked. I was measuring right on the whole time and never came across as potentially carrying a 10lb. baby. I set a new record for the doctor! She had never delivered such a large baby to a first-time mom! Woohoo for me! And thankfully, the actual labor went quite well and could have had a lot more complications due to his size. Apparently, I have a remarkable pelvis though. :)
And our little guy, Landon, is doing quite well also. He seems to have his nights and days mixed up, but what newborn doesn't?? (If you had a newborn that adjusted perfectly, I'd rather not hear about it). :)

Here we are arriving home from the hospital. He's what do we do with him?!

The cats have both checked him out a little, but don't really notice him unless he's crying. They aren't all that impressed with him.

And yes, he does sleep a lot.

And here he is with his first playmate. This is Caleb Jon, born a week before Landon. He's approximately 8lbs. in this photo. Caleb is actually a little longer than Landon, but as you can see Landon has a lot more meat on him.


Russ and Amy said...

flip him over! (head over heels). It's supposed to fix the day/night thing. (or so i've heard)
congrats on your remarkable pelvis. boy, what an accomplishment. ha ha.

Jill,Drew, Ella too... said...

Hey guys - well we still have not updated our blog yet.. surprised - ya h well drew still has to figure out how to use his (used to be new computer - now its worn out that excuse and he still doesnt know how to use it--- anyway new posts to come soon- we promise. Anyway - we decided to change our blog to private because we kept getting weird posts and adds - (that has been the only activity on our blog) so please email me - with your email address so I can add/"invite you" - what a pain I know. but no more wierd messages. Thanks : )

dawn said...

How's it going over there? Haven't heard anything. Is he sleeping better? Would love some updates