Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Boys

Like father, like son.

Adam and Landon are both sticking their tongues out! Lovely guys.

And Landon has conveyed to us that he is happy that we're his parents! We're getting regular smiles out of him these days.

And of course those smiles can quickly turn into frowns when he's not happy.

He seems to kinda enjoy bathtime. He doesn't fuss. But he also doesn't smile at all. He sits very somber and thoughtful when he gets a bath. And look at that belly! He was weighed in at 12lbs. 13oz. at 6 weeks old.

And he has begun trying to suck his thumb. Sometimes the thumb makes it into his mouth and other times he just sucks on his knuckle. I know some people say it isn't good for babies to suck their thumbs.....but if he's happy doing it, then I'm OK with it. (And no, this kind of parental thinking won't transfer into his teenage years if he thinks he wants to smoke weed).