Monday, April 21, 2008


It's official. Our house is up for sale. A big sign was put in the front yard this looks really weird in our yard. Bittersweet. It's exciting to think about the idea of moving to a new place and to be closer to our church, but we've made our house a pretty comfortable place and put so much time and energy into it, that it's sad to think about leaving it. I'm kinda torn on when I'd want it to sell. It'd be nice to have it snatched up right away, but then again, our town is really quaint and enjoyable in the summertime and I'd like to enjoy it one more summer! Good thing I'm not in charge and that it's in God's hands!


Adam's mom said...

Oh, I knew this day was coming but to see it in writing gives me some sadness. Its been so much fun watching you and Adam redo your home. I've enjoyed my visits and walking down to the ice cream store and other shops. I wonder what God has in store for you, I'm sure it will be equally as nice!

The Rottiers said...

It made me sad today when I parked across from your house to walk around town and I saw the sign.