Thursday, July 10, 2008


Adam and I played golf together for the first time ever today! Adam is actually pretty decent and has played quite a bit, but this was my first time ever on a course (although I've been to a driving range a few times, but that was usually enough to make me realize that I should just stick to the driving range or the put-put mini golf course).

It actually was kinda fun. We decided to not only play golf, but to get exercise while we played, so we didn't get a golfcart, even though it was only $3 more. I was quite exhausted by the end of the 9 holes. My score wasn't really worth adding up, but I didn't do as bad as what I feared I might. Golfing is way more fun than skiing (Adam tried to take me skiing a few years back.....I'm not a fan, although I was getting the hang of it by the end of the night......skiing is much more terrifying than golf. Something about speeding down a hill with long sticks attached to your feet just doesn't sit well with me....but maybe I'll give it another shot sometime).

Anyways. Here's some pics from the day:

There was actually one casualty of the watch. Somewhere on the 7th or 8th hole, it came unlatched and fell off. We walked up and down those holes multiple times, but with no success. That watch was by far my most favorite timepiece that I've ever owned. I'd had it for over 6 years and it was a Christmas gift from Dan and Annette. I liked it because it was 2-tone (gold and silver - just like my rings) and because it was very petite. I have very small hands and wrists, so it fit me nicely. (Someone once told me that it looked like my hands and wrists stopped growing when I was 7 years old.....I don't think they're that small, but they are pretty small.)

Anyways, besides the casualty of the watch, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I think we may even play again someday.