Tuesday, August 19, 2008

High School Musical

Yes, this is actually a post about High School Musical.

I felt compelled to have a new post, yet I don't really feel like there is anything incredibly newsworthy to post about in our lives right now.

I was very curious as to what all the hype was about regarding this Disney tween flick, so when I saw it on the shelf at the local library, I didn't hesistate for even a moment to bring it home with me. And besides, working with youth, and hearing some of the young girls talking about Zac Efron (apparently,the main guy in the movie). And when I said "Who?" and they looked at me in shock and horror, I felt like I should try to stay a little more relevant with the times.

So, I watched it.
I was entertained. It had some catchy tunes. The story was cute and clean. It dealt with the whole issue of "cliques." Overall, a positive movie and one that I feel is more than acceptable to be watched by kids and teens.
Although, it didn't completely rock my world and lead me to agree with the millions of dollars that have probably been made off of the production. The acting wasn't the greatest. And the casting wasn't the greatest either. I didn't really believe that Zac would've been a high school basketball star. And the whole thing was really quite unrealistic. I don't ever remember the high school cafeteria busting out in song and dance and evenutally getting over their cliques and such. Just doesn't happen that easily.
But there you have it. My opinion on High School Musical. Now, I hear there is a High School Musical 2. I'm pretty sure I don't need to rush off to Blockbuster to rent it.....I can wait to see it until it hits the shelves of the library.
I should have something better to post about soon.......