Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tofu = GROSS!

So, I like attempting to eat healthy and to offer a wide variety of foods for our family to eat. And Landon is starting to eat more table food these days, and a baby magazine suggested small cubes of tofu as a good finger food for babies. Tofu is actually made from soy and is a very healthy thing for everyone. So, I thought we'd give it a shot tonight.

He happily shoveled it in his mouth for the first little while, as he does with any sort of food that we've ever tried to put in front of him. I was very glad that he seemed to like it at first, because I had tasted a small amount just prior and it made me want to yarf. Yes, yarf. But soon, his expression quickly was changing and I was having to put it in his mouth, of which he would then stick his tongue out, along with the tofu. I did find a system though. If I put a piece of tofu in his mouth and then QUICKLY followed with part of a graham cracker, he would manage to eat the tofu.

Anyways. I will now be googling a tofu recipe that I can try that will use the rest of the tofu I bought, but we will not be eating it plain ever again. GROSS.

To get that tofu taste out of my mouth I put in a Hershey's Kiss Mint Truffle. Way better than tofu.