Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whirlwind of Activity!

So, as of yesterday, we are officially no longer homeowners! The papers have been signed! It's a done deal! We move out this Saturday (Moving Day - part 1) and will move into our church's mission house temporarily until we find something more permenant that we want to buy. Wahoo! But needless to say, the house is filled with boxes and piles of things to be packed! I don't at all feel like we're packrats, but it's amazing how much we can accumulate in just a few years! Most of our stuff will be stored as the house is already furnished. We'll try to post some pictures from the festivities! Who knows when Moving Day - part 2 will take place! Hopefully, not too long!

And a week or two back, we took some planned vacation time and took a small trip. First, we stopped in IN and visited my high school friend, Shannon and her family. Then, we spent the night in Fort Wayne with my aunt and uncle. Then we went onto OH to spend some time with my college roomie, Adriane. It had been a year since we'd seen each other, although we still talk on the phone once a week. It was good to be with them in person. She had a baby last summer that I had yet to meet. The boys were aware of each other, but didn't really play together. Landon did enjoy all of Carsten's toys though!

And while Adam enjoys driving me around to see friends and family, his hi-light of the trip was probably our stop at Cabela's. Boys will be boys.