Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flowers and Rooms

Whoa, I know I'm getting a little crazy here with 2 posts so close together! But life has somewhat slowed down a little for us. And I realize people actually look at our blog, so maybe I should update it somewhat more often than once a month. The above picture are flowers that I picked from OUR yard! I really don't have much of a green thumb, so I'm very excited that I have some perennials that are coming up all on their own! I don't know what most of them are or if I'm supposed to do anything to make sure they keep coming back, but this is very exciting to me since they've done this all on their own. I know we have several different colored rose bushes, which I thought were difficult to grow, but they were beautifully bloomed about the time we moved in (mostly dying off now - not because of me I hope, but I think maybe they are just done for the season?). Plus, we have hydrangea bushes (see below bloom)! I think hydrangeas have beautiful blooms and I unsuccessfully had 2 plants at our Rockford house that only withered and begged for more water as I planted them in a much too sunny spot. These are blooming all on their own and seem to be very large, well-established plants. We also have lots of weeds and things that are vastly overgrown and need to be seperated, but I am enjoying that we have some beautiful things happening without having to do anything.

And I'll try to show some work that we've done in th e house. Below is the nursery. Ready to go.

And here is our bedroom. This was the room where we stripped lots of flowered wallpaper. I think it looks much nicer now. Notice it's still a work in progress with a few boxes left to unpack and power tools sitting on the dresser.

I'd post a picture of Landon's room....but he's napping now and I'm not going to risk waking him up to get a picture. Not worth it.


Shannon said...

I love your bedroom now!! And small world, how do you know the Sniders?? They're sister, Natalie, (the one who had their son in the hospital) and I are really close friends!! What a small world!! There is a pic of her and I on my last post.

Defiantly looks like it will be after the babe when I get up there. Miss and love ya :)

aunt doreen said...

LOVE your flowers and ready to go rooms! Did you always have that bed frame? I like it! And you have closet space.... Looks like you guys will be very comfortable in your new home with more discoveries and comforts to find as time goes by.

Adam's mom said...

Your nice big bedroom set has finally found a room big enough to make it look small! Your paint looks great and I am so loving the flowers you have in your yard--that will be lots of fun to see what comes up each season.

Andrea Megan said...

We had that same comforter when we got married, I just bought a new one!

Erica said...

Becca, I think you would be surprised how easy it is to take care of perennials, especially if they came up that beautifully on their own! Here's what I know: the rose blooms should be snipped off when they are done, and more will come. My mom's bloom all summer long. Then in the fall, leave them be. In the spring, before they start growing again, cut down the stems to 2-3 inches. They'll do great!

Michelle S. said...

The house looks great, and how cool to have at least some of the landscaping good to go when you move in---buying perennials can get pricey at times...Are those baskets at the foot of the bed hampers for each of you?:)

Adam and Becca said...

Shannon, I went to college with Becca and Lee Snider.

Erica, thanks for the rose tips! I had no idea. I went and snipped them off right away - hopefully we'll get some more blooms!

And Michelle, we have no qualms with having our dirty laundry together. The seperate baskets at the foot of our bed are for lights and darks. That way they are already pre-seperated come wash-time!