Monday, August 24, 2009

6 Years of Being Married

We celebrated our 6-year wedding anniversary on August 23. Hard to believe how fast time has gone by. I'm fully confident that I married the right man for me. Not every moment has been sheer bliss, but never once have I wanted to get out (and even if I did, I know he wouldn't let me!). He's my best friend and I can never get enough of him.

Adam's mom came into town for the weekend for a Curtis family reunion. She watched the two boys while we got the chance to go out for a nice evening on Saturday. On our night out, we brought along a couple of albums to look through while we were at a coffee shop. These were albums that I put together of all of the notes that we used to write each other back in college. We discovered a few things as we looked through them:

1) We sure had A LOT of time on our hands back then. (Like I said, these were "albums"...not just a handful of notes).
2) We were very creative in our efforts to express our feelings and thoughts to one another. (I forgot how funny I was!)
3) We were completely smitten (yep, smitten) with one another.
4) We may have spent a lot more time back then expressing our feelings in writing, but now we feel even stronger about one another and the feelings are much deeper.

Ahhhh, life here on this earth is pretty good. I'm thankful that I get to share my life with such a great man.