Saturday, September 05, 2009

Before shots of Living Room and Dining Room

Adam has been on vacation the past week and I've kept him busy. :) We painted and put new flooring in our living room and dining room. These are the shots we took before we even bought the house. So, obviously, this furniture is not ours. We really don't have any furniture for the living room! I thought I had taken some shots of the empty rooms, but I can't find them. But just try to imagine empty rooms with bright green carpet (the pics don't do the color justice). Plus, before they moved out I think they tried to clean the carpets, but they got them WAY too wet. Two months later, they still felt damp to the touch. Ewwww, yuck. The carpet was old and smelled funny. It had to go. Wait in anticipation for me to get shots up of what it looks like now!!!!!