Thursday, October 01, 2009

Craigslist Career

Now that we have good internet at home, I have decided to embark upon a Craigslist career. Ok, "career" is a bit of an overstatement, but I plan to try to list things here and there on occasion and see what I can get sold. I had my first sell today. Not a big moneymaker, but I sold an extra bumbo chair tray (for those of you who haven't had a baby in the last 3 years or so, a bumbo is a foamy baby chair). We were given 2 trays for our chair and I was unable to return it to the store (Target has very silly return policies) and unsuccessful in trying to sell it at a garage sale, and I didn't know of anyone that needed one. It got snatched up right away on Craiglist though for a whole $4 (retails at $9.99). I was satisfied.

I met the buyer at a mutual meeting place (a church parking lot). I felt slightly like a drug dealer delivering the goods in my mini-van. It was kinda fun.

Anyways. Here's a few pictures of the boys to satisfy the grandmas.

And no, Tate is not always a pleasant little guy. We're having quite a difficult time getting him to nap nicely. I'll get him to go down decently, but he doesn't nap for much more than 20-30 minutes and then wakes up CRANKY. If he's being held, he'll snuggle into you and conk out for hours though. Although, at night, we can't complain. We typically put him down around 11ish and he's still awake. He falls asleep on his own and we usually don't hear from him until 5, of which we usually can just sneak a pacifier into his mouth and he falls back asleep for another hour or so, of which we then try to sneak the pacifier back into this mouth again.
Landon is lots of fun most days though. I laugh at him frequently. Here he is walking around in my shoes. If he was 14 and parading around in my shoes, I might be concerned. He walks around in daddy's shoes a lot too though. I think his shoe fetish is cute. He is still much more interested in anything with wheels.