Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bathroom Fix-Up

Nothing like doing a house project just days before you host a bunch of people for the holidays! I decided to give our upstairs bathroom a face-lift the week or so before Christmas. I really wish I would have snapped some before shots, but I didn't. The color of the walls was a very bright yellow....hurt your eyes yellow. Plus, there were brightly colored clown-fish stickers (think Nemo) all over the walls. Plus, they had done some splatter painting with bright colors over the sink area. They had a coordinating light switch plate cover that went with the brightly colored fish shower curtain as well (I had left the fabric shower curtain up for quite awhile that they had left behind).
So, I had to peel all of the fish off the walls, which of course, took the layer of paint off as well. Then I had to patch all the walls (nail holes, spots where the fish had been pulled off, and a few areas where the drywall was deteriorating). Then, I had to wait 24 hours and then sand these areas. Then, patch some of them further. And then wait and sand them again. (I HATE the dust from patching/sanding walls...makes me cringe just thinking about it getting on my hands and feeling all dry and icky). Then I primed the walls. Then I painted. I used the shower curtain that we used to have in our Rockford house, along with the dark blue bathmats we had from there as well.
Although, hard to tell much in a small snapshot, here's my product. I did nearly everything on my own, with only a few pointers and tips from Adam. I'm very happy with the results.