Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities

We had a great Thanksgiving! We were gone for several days outside of Michigan, but it was a good time of seeing family.
First, we headed to IL on Wednesday evening to Adam's mom's house.
Here, the boys are with their Aunt Jaime. Too bad she can never keep her eyes open for a picture. ;)

Turns out my camera battery died last week. And we were in a quandry of whether to just buy a new battery ($20-30) or just get a new camera. Having little ones with the holidays coming up is not a good time to be without a camera! Well, while in IL, we got up early and hit some Black Friday sales and got a new camera. :) Nothing too fancy, but it takes pictures. Good enough for me.

Then on Friday, we headed over to IN for my family thanksigiving with my siblings. Adam's mom's house was quiet and cozy and peaceful. We get to my mom's house and there are kids running around everywhere and it's quite a bit more chaotic. Both are nice. :)
This is me with my 3 brothers. We're lined up from youngest to oldest (left to right) (not like you couldn't tell).
And this is Grandma and Grandpa Strahm with all of the grandkids.
So thankful that we got to see so many family members over the holiday!