Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainy Day Post

So, it's raining. I felt that my options were clean or do a blog post. I'll clean later.

Adam's mom was here this past weekend. She gave Tate a super-cool tent and tunnel for his birthday. All 3 of the boys enjoyed it. And we enjoyed having her around. Finding childcare is so much easier when you have a grandma staying at your house!
We lost our tenants this week. Ok, we didn't actually have tenants, we were more of a storage unit for the majority of their earthly belongings. Verwys', we will miss having some of your stuff in our home, but we'll miss having you around even more! I'm envisioning a getaway to Boyne in the coming year! We now need guestroom furniture and a downstairs time-out chair for Landon. After having a U-Haul parked in our driveway, I'm thinking we're going to have a few of our neighbors asking if we're moving.We went to our county's 4-H fair last night. Several kids in our youth group had horses and artwork to show. Landon was mildly interested in the animals, but it was the picture of the below ride that he was transfixed upon. The message he conveyed to me through words, behavior, and body language was that his life would not be complete until he rode this. For a cost of $3, we gave in and made it happen. And we enjoyed a yummy, elephant ear. Mmmm....I'm pretty sure I had cinnamon sugar all over my face after I was done with it.
This last picture is for my brother, Phil, who thinks that having this device is the beginning to good parenting. They are expecting their first child at the end of this year.
First, you need to learn how to change a diaper, Phil.