Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sorry that I didn't snap any great pictures of the boys! It's not easy! They don't sit still and we needed to go get our parking spot at Trunk-or-Treat!
Phew. What a phenomenal turn-out! Our church has done Trunk-or-Treat the past couple of years, but they ramped up the promotional items quite a bit and added a bunch of additional indoor activities this year. GREAT turn-out! Most faces I didn't recognize - which means they don't go to our church regularly. I was running out of candy before the first 1/2 an hour was up! The bowl got replenished several times thankfully. I had to come up with a way to keep the boys "caged." For events like this, Adam is usually very busy running around doing things and I know it's up to me to handle these two crazy kids. I might've trusted Landon to stay close by me at all times, but Tate is a runner. This solution seemed to work. They did get to go around the loops of cars with their buckets, but otherwise spent the most of the 2 hours in the back of the van like this while I handed out candy. I had to keep them sugared up to keep them happy. Lots of people said it was a cute idea and strangers even asked to take pictures. what to do for next year?

And today was also Adam's 31st birthday! Oh, what a gift he is to me! Oh wait, it's his birthday - he's supposed to get a gift. Anyways. He's wonderful. I'm such a blessed girl to have him as my husband.