Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ahhhhh! What's that?!?!

One thing after another with Landon this past month! We had been healthy for too long. First, croup. Then, an ear infection. And now, an allergic reaction to amoxycillin.
A week after he had been on amoxycillin, he woke up with splotches all over his face, neck, chest, and back. It spread as the day went on and he was itching at it. We were thinking, "bed bugs" or maybe an allergic reaction to the strawberries we had the night before. The off-hours doctor I talked to said it may just be a reaction to a virus. Landon didn't have a temperature and was otherwise happy and normal, so he told me not to be too worried about it and even continue the amoxycillin. Sunday morning, it was even worse. His cheeks were puffy and swollen and he had even more of the rash. After a very quick trip to the urgent care center on Sunday morning, it was fairly conclusive that this was just a delayed reaction to the amoxycillin. (It really was a quick trip. We were in and out within 20 minutes!) (When we had to go for his ear infection, we were there for nearly 3 hours).
Anyways. Glad it was fairly a minimal reaction and didn't involve constricted breathing or anything.