Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

The main floor 1/2 bath is finished! I still want to find some new artwork, hand towels, and other dilly dallies to go with the new decor. I'm trying to save that for my trip to IKEA in April with some girlfriends.

This before pic was actually taken when we had looked at the house for the first time before buying it. Sorry, I'm awful at taking "before" pics before we start projects. The purple was bright. The border was 80's/90's ish looking. The cabinet and trim had been painted white - and painted a bit poorly. The toilet's seat shifted when you sat on it and would randomly "run" after being flushed. A jiggle of the handle would fix it. This pic doesn't show it, but they had put the toilet paper holder on the wall, but not on a stud probably, so over time they probably started ripping it off the wall with use. To fix it, they just attached a piece of wood to the wall and then attached the toilet paper holder to that. The door to the bathroom was not in good shape and was splitting apart. This is the bathroom that is used the most when we have people coming over, so we're glad we did a few things to get it looking and functioning better.
The color of the walls is Canary Grass - I know you can't really tell well on a computer monitor. It's a green. We stripped the cabinets and mirror frame. And then repainted them a glossy black. It looks sharp! We found a super cheap vinyl remnant that is a gray-ish color. I think I paid just under $15 for it! We replaced the toilet. We patched some walls and moved the toilet holder and towels holders. We also painted the trim and ceilings in the bathroom (as well as the hallways and entryway). And we've also put a new door in. It's all very wonderful! I love completed projects!

We're pretty much done with the entire project as a whole. Adam is completing the stairway railing. I couldn't find "before" pics of any of the other areas. Once the entryway/stairway is complete, I'll post a pic of some of the other areas.