Sunday, August 21, 2011

A different world....

Here's a few cultural things we discovered while we were in Brazil:

- They take lots of showers. Especially one before the evening meal. Everybody showers before dinner.

- The big meal of the day is lunch.

- When engaged, both the guy and the girl wear an engagement ring. Many date and are engaged for quite awhile.

- They have hot dogs there, but they don't eat them like we do. They chop them up and put them in a sauce with a bunch of toppings on a sandwich bun. It's very rare to see them eating one ballpark style like we do.

- People eat with both arms on the table. It's weird to have your hands in your lap at the table.

- They use nicknames a lot for one another.

- They are very affectionate.

There's just a few tidbits of how they do things in another part of the world.