Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Update

Here's a quick snapshot of what our little exterior update looks like. You can hardly even tell that the house had shutters in the BEFORE pic. They were white. And the BEFORE pic also doedsn't really show how bad the columns were looking. I painted the columns about 3/4 of the way up, but I made Adam do the more dangerous job and do the top 1/4. We discussed it. He knows how to fall better than I do. I'd probably break my neck falling 6 feet. I've seen him fall off a roof before and he was fine. Thankfully, there was no falling in this project.




Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It looks great and I also think it is safer for Adam to climb up high on the ladder. After all, he has Spiderman qualities!
Becca's Mom

Adam's Mom said...

Wow, what a difference! I can just imagine how pretty your pillars would look at Christmas time, wrapped in garlands, lights and a huge wreath hung on the peak. You guys do a wonderful job, do you ever rest?

Russ and Amy said...

Looks great! I've seen Adam fall off a roof before too....front row seats to that show! I still can't believe he was okay---well, except for his fingertips (ouch!).

A and K said...

Oh IT DOES LOOK GOOD! Great job all around, Adam and I will have to come see it in person of course! I vote there should be cake :)