Monday, October 10, 2011

Boyne Trip

We went up north a little while back - up into the tips of the fingers (FYI...for those that aren't from Michigan....Michigan is shaped like a mitten). Stayed with our friends Marvin and Lindsay. We enjoyed hanging out, eating good food, doing a little window shopping, visiting their church, playing card games, helping with house projects, meeting up with the Spanding family, seeing the wonderful fall colors, among probably a few other things. Overall, it was a great trip. Very relaxing - and it helped that the boys behaved pretty well.

Upon returning home, we received 2 thank you notes from the Verwys' in the mail. Lindsay's was nice and sweet as expected. And Marvin didn't disappoint either. The envelope was addressed to "Adumb Willis". Inside he wrote,

Hey Adam,

I wanted a card with a picture of a face getting punched but this was all Lindsay had. Thank you for fixing everything at my house. I appreciate your wilingness to help without asking for anything in return. Come back soon and play more games with us. Marvin

I don't think Adam could have felt more appreciated. Those boys have a special friendship. They wrestle and trash talk pretty much constantly, but I know they enjoy each other immensely.