Sunday, January 01, 2012

Just a little bit longer....

We still have one more Christmas gathering next weekend, so I REFUSE to take down our Christmas decorations yet! Here's a few of my favorites this year:

This is our Christmas Card wall. We hang them up and pass by them many times in a day. I love to look at all of them and read some of the special inscriptions numerous times. Some of our friends (who will remain nameless....although you all know who you not send out Christmas cards! And thus, we are saddened that we do not get to include them here. Maybe someday......)

This is a special ornament given to all of the Willis' from Adam's aunt. It's in memory of Grandpa Willis who passed away in May.
Here's our big Nativity set in our living room(I have several smaller, kid-friendly ones also). This room looks so nice with lots of red accents.

And here's the fireplace in our family room. I bought a canvas print of one of our family pictures. And I love our knit, homemade looking stockings.
And our newest addition to the Christmas decorations that I just picked up at an after-Christmas sale. A Kissing Ball! I had been trying to find some decent looking mistletoe or something. This will fit the bill. We've tested it out already. It works. :)