Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getaway Update

Well, my mom is asking how the getaway went. :)  And in case there were a couple of other people who wanted to hear me talk about how thoughtful my husband is, I figured I should blog about it. Sorry, no pictures.

So, Adam schemed, planned, and roped others in on lying to me. :) It's not the first time. It has often involved a proposal, diamonds, or some other nice surprise. I do my best not to get mad. He assures me he will only scheme and lie in order to make me super happy.

So, on Thursday after I returned home from work, after a nice dinner at home with our boys and Adam's mom, I packed a bag and we headed to the east side of the state.  We checked into a lovely hotel.  Much nicer than what I would have booked if it was up to me.  But then again, I handle our finances. :) We enjoyed hanging out on Friday night and enjoying a multitude of  TV channels.

Friday morning we got up and enjoyed the super yummy buffet breakfast at the hotel.  This was not a toast and bagel continental breakfast.  This was delish!  This girl loves her biscuits and gravy! Ate til we were stuffed.

Then we headed to IKEA.  We shopped there for about 3 hours.  Adam doesn't particularly love shopping although he is very good about it when he is striving to make me happy. Then we headed to Dick's and let him shop for a bit.  Then we checked to Trader Joe's (a fun grocery store with lots of natural products). We're big fans of their Sesame Sticks. Then we headed back to our hotel.

Our hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub.  I'm of the persuasion that when one stays at a hotel with such amenities, one should partake of those amenities. We spent a little time splashing around.  I still have fun with this guy.

Then we got ready to go out do dinner. Ate out at P.F.Chang's (chinese).

On Saturday morn, we enjoyed the super delish breakfast buffet again. (Man, I wish I had some of those biscuits and gravy RIGHT NOW!) Then we packed up and headed home with an expected stop at the Tanger Outlets on the way home.  We know each other well enough to know that it's best if we don't stay together. I shop well alone and Adam would just slow me down. He's good with this arrangement.  He gassed up the van and got it washed, stopped in a few select stores that he likes, took a nap in the van, etc.

Then we made our way home and had fun show-and-telling our loot with Adam's mom.

Overall, a very nice weekend.  It's been awhile since just the two of us have gotten away.  We've gotten away without the boys, but I think it has always involved a youth trip or once, a vacation trip with others. This is quite possibly the first time that the two of us have gotten away as just the two of us since we had kids.

I don't think most people realize how thoughtful Adam is.  I'm the blessed girl that gets to witness it on a daily basis.