Thursday, May 24, 2012

Helpful Tate

So thankful that I have boys that usually like to help with things. 
Unfortunately, I have to work on teaching them the parameters of their helpfulness.
Tate fed the cats for me the other day. I did not ask him to. 
This is what I found.
If I wouldn't have stopped him, he may have kept going.
It was really hard to discipline him.
He was so cute.  He seemed rather baffled as to why there was anything wrong.


jan said...

THAT'S Funny ..... I can see how it is hard to discipline ..... but then again, your boys are both so CUTE I am not sure how you EVER say "no"!

Adams Mom said...

That is so precious. Wanting to help is great now we need to work on how much to help! Thanks for the smile. Miss you all!