Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2013 Goal List

Drumroll please......

Here is our 2013 goal list:

  1. Go on a 10-year Anniversary Getaway - Our 10-year wedding anniversary is this August. Woohoo! We want to do something. We'll probably push it back to the fall, but we would like to celebrate with some sort of momentous trip if we can!
  2. Keep a prayer journal - I've got a cute little pink notebook. I want to make a habit of keeping it nearby and writing down prayer requests. I'll be able to track when they've been answered and be reminded to pray more fervently over other things. 
  3. Work out 2 times a week - I'm not trying to do anything crazy. I'm a pretty active person in general, but I want to make an effort to fit in 2 get-me-sweaty workouts every week. Having a little one makes it really easy to give excuses of it being too difficult to find the time. 
  4. Neighborhood Gathering - On the list from last year. We want to initiate some sort of street social gathering. So many people are so busy these days that they hardly know the people that live close to them.
  5. Paint a Picture - If you didn't know me in high school, you might not know that I was VERY into art. During my senior year I often spent nearly 1/2 of the school day in the art room. One art class, one independent study art class, and I would often go there during my study hall if my other homework was done. Local awards and even national awards. People expected me to do something with it. Went to school for it and realized I didn't enjoy it enough to try to make a life of it (I changed majors after my freshmen year). I've hardly done anything recently with it. We'll see what I come up with this year. 
  6. Learn How to Use my Camera Better - I have a DSLR Canon camera. I'm thankful that it has an "auto" option because otherwise I wouldn't know how to use it! For Christmas, I got a "zoomier" lens for it. I've loved playing with it and the results that I get. BUT I know the camera can do more and I know it could take even better pictures if I knew what I was doing. 
  7. Take Care of Grading Issue Around House - From last year. The north side of our house needs to be re-graded or have drain tile put in to keep our unfinished basement from getting water in it. 
  8. List 1,000 Things I'm Thankful For - Inspired by "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. Learn the art of gratitude and soaking up those little moments and every day occurrences that I would otherwise overlook and not express my gratitude to the Creator for. I'm already on #26. 
  9. Bike Ride 500 miles - This is Adam's. Some will be indoors on his fun, and dangerous, bike rollers. Some will be outside. Obviously, not all at once. :) 
  10. Give Up Pop (aka Soda) - This is also Adam's. (I rarely drink it) Adam isn't an addict. Although, he does turn to it if he's feeling sluggish and I'm pretty sure he drinks it much more than I'm aware. BUT he wants to give it up.