Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lots of Christmas Celebrations!

We have finally finished our Christmas gatherings. Lots of wonderful moments with family. Here's just a few of my favorite pictures (there's quite a few on Facebook also):

My 3 boys on Christmas morning. It was just our  little family. Pretty low key.  My favorite thing of the day was when we all bundled up and took a family hike on a nearby nature trail.
A special moment with Grandma. 
Tate enjoying a ride on his new bike.  
Adam made his dad a display of all of the "Robin Hood" arrows that his dad has done (When one arrow splits another).

The Christmas Orange in the stocking!
Did some rearranging of rooms so that we could fit all of the Willis crew at one big table.

Landon playing some carpetball with.....hey, what would a child of a cousin of Adam be in relation to Landon?
Laughing it up with Aunt Jaime before she flew back to DC. 
My brother and sister-in-law listening intently to my parents tell the Christmas story via flannel graph.  
I made my dad a sock monkey for Christmas - he wanted one.  And of course, he had to get a picture with his grandson AJ and AJ's best bud.

And many wonderful times not captured by a camera!  
What a wonderful Christmas season!


Aunt Doreen said...

Kids of cousins are second cousins to each other and first cousins once removed between a first cousin and a first cousin's child.

Aunt Doreen said...
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Aunt Doreen said...

Anonymous said...

Your pictures show that you all had wonderful family times that the boys will remember for a long time (or a short time). Now you can relax a little that your busy Christmas days are over. Your family is a lot of fun and everyone enjoys being around them.
Becca's MOM

Mum said...

Still smiling when I think of all the funny little things th boys say and do. Christmas is so fun to celebrate with little ones in the house. Thank you for hosting us. It was a wonderful time spent with family!