Friday, February 08, 2013

What to do when there's lots of snow...

We've been getting hammered with snow lately, so lots of chances to spend time doing indoor things. 

Here's the boys at the Car Show that came to town last weekend. Poppy and Aunt Ryn took them. Landon said that it was "the best time he's ever had in his ENTIRE life."  I love his enthusiasm. 

Here's the boys having a campout under our dining room table.
The most important item to bring on a campout: FOOD!  I like how they think. 

Today we did an art project.
Bouncy balls in paint and then swirl them around in a box. 

And we're growing too!  Here's Heath at 3 months old!

Don't worry, we are enjoying the great outdoors also.  It's just not as easy to take a camera with you when you go sledding.  They loved it though!  A neighbor watched Heath and we spent a few hours sledding and snowboarding on Monday in a local park.  So fun to watch them sail down the hill.

Over and out.
It's lunch time and then I promised the boys we could bundle up and go outside into the great tundra.
I love our days at home!