Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Beautiful Weeds

We are totally winning the dandelion contest! 



The boys think our yard is so much prettier. I'm guessing our neighbors would disagree. 

All of the houses immediately next to us are retired folks who live up to the cliche of those having meticulous lawns. They all have beautiful, thick lush green lawns. We have been blessed with an abundance of dandelions. The boys have trouble understanding that they are supposedly undesirable things. I gush when they pick me a bouquet, but I tell them they are outside plants and we are not going to bring them back into the house to put them into a vase. 
We've tried to throw some weed stuff on the lawn recently, but it can take awhile to work. If it works. 

I imagine that Adam will someday be a retired meticulous lawn guy. But in our early 30s, priority of our lawn is pretty low on the list. We're just going to relish in the yellow beauties.