Saturday, May 04, 2013

Kick it!

We told Landon he could play soccer when he was 5.  And well, here we are.

It's a version of soccer anyways. The score isn't kept (well, not on a scoreboard....Adam and Landon still keep track in their heads). The kids get team shirts and get to wear shin guards and soccer cleats. Most of the kids aren't quite sure what they are doing otherwise. But there is a snack afterwards and I think that is pretty typical of a soccer game.

He's playing in our city league on a team with 5 & 6 year olds. He's one of the smaller kids out there. He's not super aggressive, but he seems to like it.  He runs around. He even tangled with other kids once or twice and ended up on the ground, but he would always pop back up.

And Adam gets to be the coach. Adam had said he would be willing to be a "helper," but I'm pretty sure they just rope all of the interested "helpers" into being the coach since there is always a shortage of people willing to coach. He's fully capable and he's an excellent choice for it.

Teaching good sportsmanship. Lining up for the post-game high fives.

Post-Game Snacks