Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tate turned 4!

Tate turned 4!
He's been waiting his whole life for this!

We waited to celebrate until after Adam returned from a weekend youth retreat on Sunday evening.
 He requested waffles for dinner.
Then we opened some cards and gifts from special people.
Tate is into "ferocious" looking creatures.
This book will keep him busy for hours!
And thankfully, he doesn't mind that I picked it up from a garage sale.
Since we didn't really start celebrating his birthday until the evening,
we let the older boys stay up extra late for an evening swim.
Plus, they had to test out the new water blasters.
And Tate really wanted to stay up late to catch lightening bugs.
How can I say "no" to such a sweet kid on his birthday?!
He had waited all day to celebrate. 
Plus, I made him wait until Tuesday to have his cake.
He specifically wanted the "green Schleich (brand) dinosaur with the mouth that opens and shuts" on top of his cake.
He told me this several times.
And Grandma Vig had already had this dinosaur shipped to our house.
I love that my boys just want me to stick a toy on top of their cake.

A few noteworthy things about Tate at 4 years old:
- Tate is taller on his 4th birthday than what Landon was on his 5th birthday.
- As mentioned earlier, he really likes fierce and ferocious things. Dinosaurs. Sharks. You know, stuff with sharp teeth and claws.
- He tends to have a "whiny" voice sometimes. I often have to tell him to repeat his request but without whining. 
- He still gets in the mood to cuddle sometimes.
- He likes to color and draw.
- He's very into Superheroes. 
- He still needs a nap. 
- He often talks with his hands and gets very animated when he is excited.
- His deep brown eyes just melt my heart! 

Tate is such a joy to have in our family!