Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Heath turns 1!

Our baby, Heath, turned 1 on Saturday! 

He was a big fan of eating cake.

Not a big fan of wearing party hats.

We brought Adam home again for a few hours to celebrate. Maybe not what I would have thought we'd be doing a few months ago for Heath's 1st birthday party, but it was nice to be able to celebrate as a family for a bit. I bought a few overpriced store-bought cupcakes (GASP!) (this goes against everything within me!). And we enjoyed opening a few special cards and gifts.

Some of his favorite gifts were:
A red spiky ball. He LOVES it!

A toy cell phone.  He kept laying down on his tummy to play with it.
I've never seen him do that with any other toy. He was very into it and felt like big stuff.
A baby swing. His giggles while swinging in this are priceless!

Which I suppose you should see the rest of the fixture it goes with. We bought this used off of Craigslist over the summer. A pretty big undertaking to take it apart and haul it here and rebuild it (probably deserves a blog post all its own). I did a solid stain on the wood. Adam changed a few things and put a different roof on it.  He finished it just a few days before his accident.

Here's what Heath is like at 1 year old:
- Loves to sleep with a blanket over his head. (No, I don't put it over his head.....he puts it over his head.) In general, he's a pretty great sleeper most of the time. Naps from 10am-noon and then again from 3-5pm. Sleeps from 8pm - 8am. 
- Loves balls. He really likes to roll balls back and forth with someone.
- Not quite walking yet. He cruises furniture. Walks behind a pushing toy. But no attempts at taking steps on his own yet. And well, it's our 3rd kid, so we're OK with him not being crazy, mobile yet. 
- He flips his happy/sad switch pretty quickly. 
- He has a rather deep, husky voice (well, for a baby). 
- He loves watching his older brothers wrestle and run around. 
- He is very into our cats and gets excited to see them. They tolerate him, but are not as excited about the relationship. 
- Not sure what color his eyes are. Kinda gray-ish. Not sure where that came from.
- He is rather tired of baby food. He wants to be eating whatever you are eating. 
- He falls into the 80th percentile for heighth and around 45th percentile for weight. He has two teeth on bottom and two teeth on top that are partway through. You can see evidence of more coming. 
- Can still be a bit of a momma's boy. If I'm out-of-sight, he does better. But if I'm around, he sometimes still insists that I must be holding him. 
- Overall, he's a happy little guy and we feel so blessed to have him in our family.