Monday, January 20, 2014

Miracle Talk

These two pictures were taken in our home.  The first one is vinyl lettering that we've had up for over 5 years. It was given to us at Christmas one year. I'll admit that I didn't fall in love with the quote, but I liked it and it looked nice on my otherwise artwork-deprived and barren walls.  The second one is a plaque that someone gave us when Adam was in the hospital. We joked whether or not he'd display it on his dresser since it's a quote from Cinderella.  But it is indeed on his dresser.
(And I do know who gave us these.....I just figured I wouldn't call them out on the carpet. I'm sure they remember giving them to us as well.)

I'll admit that I'm not a big talker of something being a "miracle." 

I'm from a conservative background and have probably been unknowingly pre-dispositioned to tread matters like this with caution.  I absolutely believe in the many miracles that were recorded in the pages of Scripture to display God's glory, to save His people, to connect Jesus to His Father.
Waters were parted.
Food fell from the sky. 
Men were saved from fire.
The lion's jaws stayed shut. 
Storms were stilled. 
Demons were driven out.
People were healed. 
The stone was rolled away.

And I do believe God still chooses to intervene and display His glory today through situations that cannot simply line up as coincidence or be dubbed as good "karma." Situations that leave us baffled and only able to give credit to something, Someone, greater.  Situations that should lead us back to the Creator and Sustainer of life. 
The only One that can truly be given credit for miracles.

Even seeing what we've seen, I still approach "miracle" with a certain amount of caution and wonder.

But I do think that God intervened in our situation. 
He has allowed Adam to experience healing that is not "normal."  
I do believe that we can point this all back to God.

Many times God intervenes and we don't give Him credit.  
We don't even recognize and take a moment to realize what He's given us. 
What He's done.

Maybe people are getting tired of me talking about all of this.  
And someday I'm confident that we won't be identified by Adam's accident/injury.  
But for now, I know I am still working through it.  Grappling with it.  Living with it.  Breathing it all in. 
Trying to understand God's plan for all of this and what we're supposed to do with it.

Some days I struggle to see beyond the limitations and what that will look like in the future.
Oh me, of little faith.

My God works miracles.