Saturday, August 09, 2014

Bucket Day

Well, Becca is away so the boys will play and I will post.  I normally don't post on the blog as Becca is a much better writer than I am and knows how to use grammar and punctuation properly.  But every so often I get adventurous and desire to do something postworthy. (this is different than when i am adventurous and then Becca posts about me  :) )

So back to the title of this post. Becca and the boys created a summer bucket list

So with 3 boys and no Becca I dubbed today as "Bucket Day" and took on the task to cross off as many of the items on the list as we could in one day.  The boys all got onboard with my idea so away we went. 
 Here is a timeline and list of our day with some pictures and comments:

Start time: 10am
Park #1 - Alpine sports complex

park #2 - Alpine E/lementary

Park #3 - Wahlfield park

Park #4 - English Hills

Park #5 - Orchard Hills

Noon - Lunch time. We stopped at McDonalds and I treated the boys to a happy meal and we were surprised to find that the 3 best Mcd's employees were all working at the same time so we got a photo  to document it.  Thanks Lydia, Christi, and Grace!

Splash Pad at Millennium Park - check off go to a splash pad :)

Park #6 - Millennium Park

Park #7 - Sunset Hills

Park #8 - Community Park

2:30pm - Home 
Swim time - Task: get older 2 boys to jump off the diving board. Success! I have a video I will post on Facebook.  This was no small feat as our boys don't like getting their heads wet or going under the water but with the excitement of "bucket day" and the bribery of going to a movie,we made it happen.  Now the real question is - will it ever happen again???  Only time will tell.

3:00pm - Heath - nap time
3:30pm - the Amazing Lydia who got off work at 2 came over to hang at the house while I took L & T to go see a movie in the movie theater. Check off another bucket list task.  We went to see "How to train your dragon 2."  Pretty good movie we all enjoyed it. I think i liked it better than the first one as it had strong themes of sacrifice and servant leadership.  I am sure there are other themes in it as well both good and bad but the boys and i were entertained and we used the refillable popcorn bucket i got for Becca for mother's day - and brought home a full bucket, so score!

6:45pm - return home and release Lydia, feed older two boys dinner (Lydia fed heath and herself before we got home. She is so great)
7:00pm - give all 3 boys showers/ baths
8:00pm - boys to bed
8:15pm - Dathan & Emily stopped for a quick visit.  They were the program directors for jump start program at lake ann camp this summer.  So i got to know them when i spoke at camp this summer and i recently helped Dathan get a new bow so we did a few tweaks, caught up, and then they headed on their way.  Very nice couple that Dathan and Emily. 
9:30pm - start working on the bucket day blog post.

All in all I would say it was a very fun and busy day and would rule it a success.  My highs from the day were watching Heath conquer the tallest slide on every playground - that kid is a thrill seeker we better watch out.  Out of the 3 boys he would always protest the most when we would leave a park but was also very excited when he saw the new slide at the next park.  I also enjoyed motivating the boys to jump off the diving board and going out to a movie with them. It was a great father son day that is for sure.  I hope this is a day the boys will remember for awhile.