Monday, January 26, 2015

Landon turns 7!

Landon's 7th birthday has come! 

Man, he was so excited about having a birthday party! And all of the presents he would get! And who he was going to invite! He's been talking about it for.....months. 

And this girl loves to plan and throw parties! Its so much fun! Plus, its hard to say no to this kid! And its a great way to connect with other families by inviting his classmates. But......

....we broke it to him that he doesn't get a big birthday party every year. He took it quite well. Although, it took multiple conversations for it to really sink in. 

We love to celebrate and love on our kids, but Adam and I both eventually got on the same page about not wanting them to feel that they were entitled to having a big shin-dig every year. I took longer getting to that point than Adam did. Plus, the greed talk was pretty heavy around here lately. 

So, we just had a gathering with our little family. His birthday fell on a Sunday this year. Not an ideal day for a birthday celebration when your dad is a pastor. Adam had been at a men's retreat all weekend. He got back into town around noon on Sunday. And then we had to be back at church for the evening service. So, the celebration had to be split up into chunks. 

Right after church we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch.....Landon got to choose. Oy. That place is crazy. And smells kinda funny. :) 

But the birthday boy and his entourage of brothers had a great time. 

We got home and opened up cards and presents. Several had arrived in the mail the past few days from faraway loved ones. Then everybody (except mom, of course) laid down to take an afternoon nap. 

Then we headed to church. 

Afterwards, we rushed home and had a quick dinner and ate some birthday cake. And then it was bedtime. 

Landon and I also spent some time thinking of ways that we could still celebrate him with his friends without throwing a party. We made treats for Landon's children's church friends. Plus, we spent the past week making rubberbrand bracelets for his 26 classmates at school. He even wanted his principal and teacher to have one. 

Probably won't go down as one Landon's most memorable or favorite birthday celebrations. But I know he still feels loved. 

This kid is fun to celebrate! 

Here's what Landon is like these days:
- He easily gets excited about ideas, events, people.....just about anything.
- He likes Legos, Star Wars, Superheroes, army men, drawing, playing checkers and other games. 
- He's excited to go to overnight camp this summer! 
- He is such a sweet boy! He likes writing me cute notes and hiding them around the house. He isn't shy about grabbing my hand and holding it when we are out somewhere. 
- He loves playing soccer and shooting his bow. 
- He's a social bug. Loves to have people over. Loves to go to other's houses. He doesn't often seem intimidated by new experiences or people. 
- He's one of the smaller boys in his class. Quite a few of the girls are even taller than him. 
- His favorite class in school is gym and recess. Although he is doing quite well at all of his subjects.
- He is a good big brother.....most of the time. :)  Although, it is obvious that he sometimes does not like the extra responsibility and expectations we put upon him. 

We are so blessed to have him as our kiddo. Thankful for each day we get to parent him!