Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wonderful Christmas Celebrations!

A flurry of Christmas celebrations and programs have finally commenced.
It truly is a wonderful time of the year!
A Savior was sent for all!

I probably could have done separate blogposts for each one of the events, but if you waited on me to do that, it might be July before they all got posted.  So, we get to just take in one big smattering post about a whole bunch of 'em.

Here's some pics from some of the festivities:

Church Children's Christmas Program
Landon was a shepherd and Tate was a star.

Youth Christmas Party
They were to dress with Christmas accessories.

Loved the emotion in this picture. Especially the overexcited elf on the right.

Curtis Christmas Party
The multiplicitious (probably not a real word, but it means there's quite a few of us) Curtis crew got together for their traditional pizza buffet and salad bar. Above is a snapshot of our family at the festivities.

Christmas with Adam's mom
Lots of traditions with Adam's mom usually. Pigs in a blanket for breakfast. Stuffing stockings. Ornament and PJ gifts the night before Christmas. She spoiled us by providing several yummy meals throughout the few days she was in town. 
These two lovebirds were sleepy.
If you fall asleep in my presence, I will likely take a picture of you.
This was our "Christmas morning"......which wasn't really Christmas morning.
Might have been a bit overwhelming for Kenny's first big Christmas celebration.
Too adorable not to include.
We have many battles in our future.
The wonder of the snowglobe.
Toasty beverages and yummy dessert in front of the fire.
One final snuggle with Gma and Gpa Vig before they have to leave.

Christmas with Adam's dad
Sadly, I didn't have any pictures.
Just close your eyes and imagine the festivities.
Plus, we usually have some yum mexican food for our gathering.

Willis Party
at the Willis House
These cute newlyweds know how to smile for a picture.
This lovely Loveland, CO couple can do a pretty good job also.
(Adam's dad)
These couples borrowed our kids for a picture.
Technology has worked its way into every family gathering.
Strahm Family Gathering
The 2nd Annual Strahm Grand Prix was won by Dan.
The matriarch of the family (a.k.a. mom) presented the trophy.
(Yes, we race Hot Wheels car down a track and yes, there is a trophy)
The Strahm clan.
EVERYONE is looking at the camera!

Thankful to have so many loved ones to gather and celebrate with.