Friday, March 27, 2015


Man, these boys are growing up.  Please take a moment from your usual broadcasting to let this proud mother talk about her handsome little men as they pass various childhood milestones.

BAM! Heath has graduated out of his crib!
Happened very suddenly with no real closure or preparation for this mother.  But maybe, just maybe, my husband knew what was best. We were moving some furniture around in the house as we are working on finishing up some space in the basement.  Anyways. I thought Adam was putting the twin-size spare bed in Heath’s room IN ADDITION to his crib being there.  We had talked about that being the plan.  I walk upstairs and see that Adam has disassembled the crib. Some sort of audible, but unintelligible, sound comes out of my mouth. Adam just shrugged and said there wasn’t really room for both and that Heath was ready to graduate to a big boy bed. 
Welp. There we are.

I knew he was ready as well.  We had talked about it with him a lot recently and one of his grandmas had already picked out a cute comforter set for him with puppies on it. It’s been easy, breezy.  We had a rail up for the first few nights, but I’ve already taken that down. 

BAM! Tate has lost his first 2 teeth in the past week!

On Friday, he came home from school saying that one of his teacher’s had pulled out his tooth that day. I thought, “OH DEAR! WHERE IS YOUR TOOTH????!!! I MUST HAVE YOUR TOOTH! I CANNOT HAVE MY MIDDLE CHILD LOOKING AT HIS BABY BOOK AND FEELING LIKE THE NEGLECTED MIDDLE CHILD OF WHOM I DIDN’T SAVE HIS FIRST LOST TOOTH!” Fortunately, he was wearing a little necklace with a tooth holder on it that contained the little gem.  Whew.  And then on Monday, he came home again saying that his teacher pulled out his other tooth. WHAT?! I didn’t think it was that loose! Rumor is this teacher is married to a dentist and has a knack for some twist-and-pull method that she is very proud of.
Its quite amazing that I find my child even cuter when he is missing two front teeth.  He thinks he’s pretty big stuff also.

BAM! Landon has won his first art contest!

Maybe that isn’t a child milestone necessarily, but I had to write something about him, right? The boys’ school had an ArtPrize competition this past month. Kids got to vote on their favorites. Landon’s entry had the most votes out of all of the 1st graders!  So, not the BIG winner, but we have to start somewhere.  I worked with both of the boys on their entries. That was a bit painful. I refrained from painting anything FOR them, but I may have painted over things a couple of times giving them another chance to do an area. I entered something I had painted in high school. I thought the subject matter would be entertaining to share with an elementary/middle school audience.  Landon informed me that some of the kids in his class found it “inappropriate.”  Uh oh. I didn't intend to be controversial. 

With all of those milestones being shared, all I have left to say is that I wish it would all just SLOW DOWN a bit! Or a lot. That would be fine also. They are only these ages once. Trying to soak it all up!