Saturday, June 13, 2015

Family Visits

So fun to have family in town!

My brother was in GR leading his youth group on a service project week here.  Him and his group stayed at our church, but his wife and two kids came and stayed with us for the week!

They were the first ones to try out our new "guest quarters" in the basement!
Once we put a few more touches on the area, I'll post about it.

Here's a peak at our week:

A Trip to the Zoo

They were pretending to be cavemen
That bear is thinking AJ looked like a tasty treat!

Ice Cream Garage
They were still working on the new mural while we were there.

Kinley LOVES her some ice cream!

A Trip to get Michelle's ears pierced!
We took 5 kids into the little Claire's Shop. Luckily, the store was empty and the one worker was equipped with suckers and an excellent attitude. So honored and giddy that I got to be with Michelle when she got her ears pierced!

Garage Sales
Michelle and I both have an excitement and appreciation for neon signs pointing us to people's houses where they are willing to sell their belongings to us.
Found 2 new bikes for the boys!

We also swam in the pool, played outside, ran around at church, watched Paw Patrol, took naps, and had a super fun time hanging out with one another!

We also saw my Uncle David, Aunt Janet, and Audrey as they came through town on their way up north. Fun to have a quick visit with them. 

And later in the week, we were also treated to a visit from my brother Dan and his girls as they came back down from a week at Silver Lake. They stopped and had dinner with us.

Family. Thankful to have a good one.