Monday, July 27, 2015

Tate turns 6!

Our middle kid turned 6 a few weeks ago....(still trying to catch up).

There was a bit of self-induced guilt over not being with him for his birthday. Adam and I were in Mexico on a missions trip....yep, still have to blog about that too. We tried really hard to hype it up that he'd get to spend his birthday at grandma and grandpa's house and that we would celebrate with him when we got back.

He doesn't seem too sad about it here. :)

He got to do some special things at their house. An all-boys sleepover with his brothers and a 2nd cousin. Stromboli for dinner. Shopping for his presents.

And then we still celebrated once we were back together! 
Adam and I were still somewhat in a coma from driving back from Mexico the 2 days before. But on our first day back together, we let him open a few presents from us and a few cards from others that had been mailed. And then we said, "Now what?"

In good form, as many a 6-year-old would reply, he said,

There was a mix of relief, since it is an easy request to appease - yet, also remorse for asking since I really am not a huge fan of the place. 
But when you are low on energy and your brain and body are still so tired that it can't think of anything else to do, Chuck E. Cheese's it is. 

I've already determined that he will have a super awesome backyard birthday party next year.
The last 2 birthdays in our family have resulted in trips to Chuck E.Cheese's. 
Ugh. I'm distraught about that.

Anyways. It was a Monday and a beautiful day outside. So, the place was empty. 
We had a really fun time.

And then we went out for ice cream later that night.

Here's what our Tate is like at 6:
- 50 is his number! He's 50lbs. And he's 50.25 inches tall. He's at the top of the charts for height and he's holding steady with his brother who is a year and half older than him.
- He is still very passionate about dinosaurs and dragons, although sharks, whales, and other sea creatures typically pique his interest more.
- He loves catching frogs and toads. 
- He learned to ride a 2-wheeler bike earlier this summer and he's making great strides at learning to swim.
- He can be very spastic and crazy at times where I feel like I can hardly control him......yet, he can also be extremely affectionate and lovey as well.
- I'm more and more convinced that he is an introvert and I'm trying to better understand how to help him feel confident and flourish - especially when we have very busy lives that keep us around people a lot. 
-  He'll be going into Kindergarten this fall and he's very capable and ready. I'm really glad we were able to get him into a Young 5's program the previous year. He'll be one of the oldest in his class, but I think he's going to do really well. 
- He has deep brown eyes and the sweetest smile. Gets me every time. 
- We love having him as our boy! So blessed to be his parents!  
Holding a caught toad.