Thursday, September 24, 2015

Congrats to Aunt Jaime and Uncle Ben!

We celebrated the exchange of wedding vows of Jaime (Adam's one-and-only sister) and Ben a few weeks ago up in Charlevoix, MI. 
Beautiful venue. Great family time.

The boys have an official Uncle Ben now (just like the rice)!

Here's some fun pics:
Sword-wielding Ringbearers/Ring Security
Yes, their wedding was at a Castle!
Oh. My boys.
Ginormous chess set onsite. We stuck around after rehearsing to play a bit.
The queen of the family with the queen. 
Stayed at our friend's house. Super cute house. So great to have a house to lounge at while we were able to.
Too bad our friends weren't there. 
So pretty! Aunt Heather has a gift for this sort of thing.
This kid. When he doesn't want to smile, he just ain't gonna do it.
Hanging with Poppy pre-ceremony.
All dressed up.
Their more natural demeanor.
A Lego table at the reception! Brilliant!
Awwww. Lookin' all happy and in love and stuff.
Strutting their stuff as they leave.
Watching the drawbridge on Lake Charlevoix.
Celebrating our birthdays together the day after the ceremony! Me and my mom-in-law.
35 wonderful years for me!
Such a great weekend! Thanks Jaime and Ben for having a wonderful gathering of family and friends to celebrate your love! So many lovely touches and creative ideas.